Rienu Recycled Napkins

Help rienu the earth with Riegel
and our recycled polyester napkins & tablecloths.

Simply put, our rienu linens are made from recycled plastic bottles. Produced from certified 100% Post Consumer EcoSure Recycled Polyester, rienu linens look, feel, and perform as brilliantly as our current Premier polyester while also reducing the environmental impact of plastics.

Made for the environmentally-conscious consumer, Rienu fibers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. PET is Polyethylene
Terephthal-ate, a plastic resin used to make bottles for soft drinks and other
consumer products. Rienu fibers are chemically and functionally similar to those made from non-recycled fibers with one major difference: Rienu fibers are sustainable and reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth’s natural resources. The Rienu product line has been
certified as being produced from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET
containers by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

One 20x20 rienu napkin keeps 3 plastic bottles out of our earth’s landfills!

plastic by the numbers


Amount of years it can take plastic bottles to decompose in landfills.


Millions of lbs. of PET bottles sold into the US marketplace in 2017.


Percentage of PET bottles sold that were collected for recycling.

Source: NAPCOR 2017 Rate Report

Available Colors

Rienu comes stocked in 6 different colors. Contact us for information about custom colors.

“No one can believe that the napkins used to be water bottles. They have a cotton-like softness, and the quality is amazing. They even hold up well in the wash.”

- Jacquelyn Meyer -The Buff
Boulder, CO

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