Vintage Charm

Go Vintage and exude charm with natural-looking burlap-like napkins by Riegel. These 16 x 22 napkins have serged edges and look remarkably like the expensive burlap counterpart. Unlike natural jute or burlap, Riegel's Vintage Charm napkins are made from 100% OB+ MJS Polyester and will only get better with time. Don't want to spend money on single use or hand wash only options? Vintage Charm napkins by Riegel will not shrink, fade, tear, or pill and are tested to withstand commercial laundering time and time again. Now that really is a timeless investment. Going linen-less? Vintage Charm table runners and placemats are a perfect accent for special events, dinners, banquets, or just about everything. With Vintage Charm Linens by Riegel, your tables can be new again.

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About Riegel

Riegel Linen has been making Worry-Free Textiles since 1838.  Our name is synonymous with quality in the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Linen Rental markets.





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