All Parotex Linens are Made in Italy of 100% Combed Egyptian Cotton 2-Ply Yarns. In the last 30 years, Parotex has developed the capability to offer diversified and totally customized products to satisfy anyone's linen requirements, making them unique specialists in the world of table linen. Using only the best quality yarns, in addition to many weights and yarn counts, Parotex offers an impressive linen collection sure to make an impact with luxury and elegance. Parotex linens are made with the best in professionalism, creativity, and manufacturing roots deeply embedded in the Lombardy manufacturing tradition. These have made Parotex a company with a difference.

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About Riegel

Riegel Linen has been making Worry-Free Textiles since 1838.  Our name is synonymous with quality in the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Linen Rental markets.





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