Setting the Stage at The Williamsburg Inn

AIKEN, S.C. — How important is tabletop presentation to the dining experience? For Travis Brust, executive chef at the Williamsburg Inn in Colonial Williamsburg, Va., table linen and napery is an ideal way to put a restaurant’s best foot forward when showcasing its food-and-beverage offering and the venue’s impeccable service. The historic hotel’s signature dining experience, the Rockefeller Room, celebrates contemporary fine dining and pays homage to the evolution of American cuisine. The backdrop for each culinary adventure is set by Riegel Linen.

“It is our desire to ensure that guests feel like we took every step we could to ensure that they receive an experience wrapped in luxury, refinement and true Southern hospitality,” Chef Brust said. “We convey our desired modern fine-dining experience with Riegel. Their 100 percent long staple cotton linens dyed in a soft pink hue adds elegance to our plating presentation and it plays well with the room’s color, lighting and ambiance. It’s a subtle yet elegant way to arouse a diner’s senses and get them excited for what is to come. The superior quality and soft-to-the-touch table linen and napkins selected for the Rockefeller Room invite diners to the table. In a word, it’s ‘Riegel.’”

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which owns the Williamsburg Inn and five additional hotels within and surrounding the historic area, has been a satisfied Riegel Linen customer for more than 20 years. Cheryl Griggs, director of interior and exterior design for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, said it’s the company’s outstanding customer service that makes it a No. 1 linen choice.

“When we set out to update the Rockefeller Room, we knew we wanted a natural-fiber linen that looked and felt luxurious,” Griggs said. “Cotton has a better hand to it; the feel of the fibers is far better than what you will find with a synthetic. While there are quality synthetics in the market, our discerning guests can tell the difference between a poly blend and a natural product. There is an expectation of the Rockefeller Room and the Williamsburg Inn that needs to be met. Therefore, only a natural fiber tablecloth and napkin would do.

“It was also important to us from a design perspective to select a linen with detail in the weave without overwhelming guests with the pattern,” Griggs said. “Because the Rockefeller Room has rose undertones in the carpeting, upholstery and drapery, we needed something with a hint of blush to add warmth to the room without reading overtly pink. Riegel’s linen hit the mark. We love the way it adds to the room, and so do our guests.”

The Rockefeller Room pays tribute to American legend John D. Rockefeller Jr. whose generosity and philanthropy enabled the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to preserve the historic city so that tourist today can enjoy its memorable history.

Award-Winning Distinction

In January 2018, the Williamsburg Inn was one of eight hotels added to AAA’s prestigious Five Diamond List. Attaining a Five Diamond Rating is an exceptional accomplishment that signifies meticulous attention to detail, creativity in enhancing comfort, outstanding service and memorable guest experiences. In October 2018, Forbes Travel Guide named the Williamsburg Inn one of the World's Most Luxurious Hotels.
The Williamsburg Inn offers guests classic elegance and sophistication, luxury accommodations, including a world-class spa and experiential culinary offerings. Visitors can expect lavish accommodations, extraordinary facilities and many personalized amenities. A full-service destination with world-class service and staff, the Williamsburg Inn offers exceptional dining at the Rockefeller Room on-site restaurant, expanded meeting spaces, an elegant event venue via the Regency Room, and the stunning Social Terrace, a 7,000-square-foot outdoor patio that offers drinks and delectable small plates while offering a spectacular view that features the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club.

“Riegel is honored and fortunate to be providing tablecloths and napkins to the Rockefeller Room at the distinctive Williamsburg Inn as part of its recent multi-phase renovation,” said Riegel Linen VP of Sales Chris Gowdy. “We worked closely with Cheryl and her team to ensure that our linen would complement the design elements of the room – that marry tradition with contemporary architectural themes – also provide the ideal backdrop for Chef Brust’s exceptional menu that pays homage to the evolution of American cuisine through innovative cooking and the infusion of exotic flavors. Dining at the Rockefeller Room is truly a culinary experience that diners will never forget, and we are delighted that Riegel can play a small part in its award-winning service and presentation.”


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