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Direct Sales Contacts

Southeast & Caribbean -
        Brandt Wilkerson: 770-335-3218;

        Stephanie Shealey:  803-275-5922;

MidAtlantic -
        Donna Gills:  803-275-5969;

Northeast -
        Gary Mazzie:  917-612-7728;

        Donna Gills:  803-275-5969;

Midwest -
Debbie Zobrist:  618-882-6301;
        Kim Hagler:  618-882-6300;

SouthWest -
        Mark Jansen:  618-553-5533;
        Kim Hagler:  618-882-6300;

West Coast Hospitality -
        Eileen Meyers:  909-815-2599;
        Susie Rakers:  618-882-7266;

West Coast Linen Supply -
        Roger Dye:  916-747-1420;
        Susie Rakers:  618-882-7266;


About Riegel

The Riegel Consumer Products Division of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. has been making Worry-Free Textiles since 1838.  Our name is synonymous with quality in the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Linen Rental markets.



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