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Today’s Trends

Riegel recognizes the need for special colors and has developed an efficient program to help meet these requirements. Introducing Riegel’s new and exciting Today’s Trends color palette. in addition to Riegel’s extensive offerings of standard colors and custom colors, Today’s Trends offers a faster, simpler way to have the best and boldest colors of today on your tables.

These colors have been researched and tested to ensure a full range of hot and now trend color options to adorn your tables with the best. Simply choose your style of fabric from Riegel’s complete line and then specify a color from the Today’s Trends color selections. Riegel will evaluate your choices and get back to you with an approval schedule. Minimum order quantities do apply. Riegel has already taken the time to perfect the formulas and can offer a color match to the Today’s Trends color of your choice. Today’s Trends represent current color possibilities and are inspired by the world around us through fashion, food, and home decor. Take a moment to browse through Today’s Trends before ordering your choice of color. Either way, order with confidence that Riegel will deliver a beautiful linen product made to order.


Color Selection

Ordering “Your Choice of Color” Table Linens

At Riegel, we understand the importance of color when it comes to the overall design of your dining area. That’s why we offer every color imaginable.